The best Boxing Day sale deals from Norwich’s independent stores

The Boxing Day Sales. Picture: SONYA DUNCAN

The Boxing Day Sales. Picture: SONYA DUNCAN - Credit: Sonya Duncan

The city centre is still buzzing with shoppers looking for a post-Christmas deal, as shops slash prices in an attempt to shift stock and stave off the dismal high street outlook.

Where big name brands like Next and House of Fraser dominate the national headlines with blockbuster deals, Norwich's independent stores are offering equally competitive deals.

From clothes shops to homeware brands, all are doing what they can to increase footfall into their stores.

However, many of the city's home grown success stories are saying sales are a necessity on a practical level to empty stockrooms – instead of to stay afloat.

Most rely on a regular customer base which will shop with the brand irrespective of sale, with many tempted in by reductions but still purchasing full ticket items.

Here, we take a look at the five best deals on offer by a handful of Norwich's independent stores.

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Berrys and Grey: 15% off everything online and in store

Berrys and Grey are an interiors shop, selling furniture, soft furnishings, as well as some home accessories.

The Norwich-based business has got 15% off everything online and in-store, including their famous silk flowers.

Assistant managers Jenny Boddy and Charlie Knotley were particularly excited by the reduction on the brand's petal chair, reduced from £450 to £382.50.

Ms Boddy said: 'The reduction means that we're priced more competitively against a similar product by another brand. The chairs are a big draw for us, we have people stopping to take pictures of the window with them in, so it's a really good deal for people that want to purchase them.'

Ms Potter added: 'Most of our sale purchases are actually made online. All of them are boxed up and sent out of here, so it's a good job that the footfall to the shop doesn't go as mad as online.

'We have a really big social media following, so as soon as we announce a sale on Instagram it just goes mad.'

Design House: 15% off Ligne Roset

Furniture retailer Norwich Design house in the city centre has 15% off all orders on the brand Ligne Roset.

Interior designer Georgie Potter said: 'Ligne Roset has a sale about three times a year, and this is one of them. We do get customers who wait to spend their money until the sale comes up, but on big orders we do always try and find some discount where we can for our customers.

'Although we do try and reduce prices all year round, the January and Boxing Day sales are when we try and get rid of the majority of our ex-display items. It's the biggest time of year for that, even though we do something similar in the summer.'

She continued: 'We sell items that will last in a home for years, there's not such a turnaround to the next thing. I think because of that our customers don't mind waiting for the sale.'

Ginger: 35% off Emporio Armarni

Women's clothing retailer Ginger is offering markdowns on everything from wool coats to designer handbags.

However, manager Beckie Kingsley says she's most excited by the 35% markdown on Emporio Armarni items.

'We've got a leather jacket here which was £669 and is reduced to £434. It's still a lot of money, but we don't sell fast fashion. We have exclusive brands, the quality of which will last in people's wardrobe for ten or 15 years.'

She continued: 'We also stock some sustainable brands in here like Twist and Tango, which also get reduced. We want to give our customers the experience that they can shop ethically in the sales. We've been going for 40 years with customers coming back for that length of time, they wouldn't if we didn't get our products and service right.'

She added: 'We've had a better festive period than expected, we just need to get rid of some of this stock to clear the way for new lines.'

Lady B Loves: Sale items from 50% off

Vintage womenswear and accessories retailer Lady B Loves is launching its sale on December 29, a few days after compeititors.

Owner Jenny Bealey said: 'I wanted to do it more like a traditional, old-fashioned January sale. It makes sense that for a vintage store we'd have a vintage-style sale.

'We've had a good year, so we haven't got loads of stock to shift. It's more moving on some of the colourways and styles which were very autumn winter and making space for the next lot.

'I think independents are doing well this year because all the big-name brands are a bit drab, they're always selling a lot of grey and black. You always need to have a bit of black in every store, but in the independents we can add a few more pops of colour for the season. I think adding just a bit of a rainbow to the high street has made a big difference.'

Lisa Angel: Up to 50% off

Lisa Angel is offering up to 50% off selected lines, including money off the Norwich business' new bag line and discounts on unique baubles.

Jayne Gladden, retail supervisor at the brand, said: 'For us it's more about shifting stock than needing to have a sale. We have reasonably priced products all year round, so it's not a cash issue for us.

'We get regular customers coming in before Christmas and the sale and buying items that might go in, because they're reasonably priced for what they are. We also get people coming in to have a look at our sale items, and then buying a full-priced item as well.'

She continued: 'I think some of our best deals are our bags, which are really lovely, but our baubles as well. They're quite unique and people can make the purchase and then stow them away for next year.'