Aviva says transfer to Ireland will not affect jobs in Norwich

Aviva Group logo. Picture: Lloyd Sturdy/VisualMedia

Aviva Group logo. Picture: Lloyd Sturdy/VisualMedia - Credit: Lloyd Sturdy/VisualMedia

Insurance firm Aviva has offered reassurance that setting up an Irish subsidiary will not impact on jobs or customers in the UK.

Irish news outlet RTE reported that the company was transferring the administration of insurance policies from the UK to Ireland, to safeguard against the possible implications of Brexit. Irish customers and a small number of UK customers will be affected.

A spokesman confirmed Aviva was reincorporating its business in Ireland and the transfer referred to the legal registration of the policies.

But she said there would be no impact on workers employed by Aviva in Norwich.

Aviva's other European businesses are structured as subsidiaries, but its Irish operations had previously been serviced from the UK – something which may prove difficult after Brexit.

The spokesman said: 'We are taking steps to ensure Aviva's customers with policies or risks in the European Economic Area will have continuity through and beyond Brexit. As we have previously announced, we are re-incorporating our business in Ireland. This insurer will provide cover for all policies that were written in the UK but included cover in the EEA.

'In addition to our Irish customers, there is a small number of UK-based customers who will have their policies transferred to our Ireland-based insurer. The vast majority of our UK customers will continue to be insured by Aviva UK Insurance.

'For those who are being transferred, there will be no impact or changes to the terms and conditions, cover or customer support of their policies. In fact, we are removing any uncertainty by ensuring that their policy will remain valid after the UK leaves the European Union.'