Residential plans for 150 new homes labelled ‘cheap’ by Bungay Town Council

Beccles Town Mayor - Mick Lincoln with Deputy Mayor Sue Collins and new clerk Jeremy Burton outside

Beccles Town Mayor - Mick Lincoln with Deputy Mayor Sue Collins and new clerk Jeremy Burton outside the new Bungay Town Council. Picture: Beccles Town Council - Credit: Archant

An application to build 150 new houses in Bungay has been branded as 'cheap' by the town council as the current plans could affect bigger developments in the area.

Bungay Town Council have challenged a development proposal for 150 extra houses to be built on land west of St Johns Road saying it could stop future plans which could help bring business to Bungay.

Concerns on the drainage of the area, traffic, schools and utilities were raised in a planning meeting last Thursday (December 6).

Jeremy Burton, Clerk at Bungay council said the site has been 'cherry picked' and hasn't been considered in the larger development plan.

More than 400 houses were planned to go on to the site which was earmarked by the Waveney District Council, but according to the town council the current development proposal doesn't cater to that plan.

Mr Burton said: 'It was supposed to be apart if a bigger plan and Bungay does want houses, but there is lots of issues with is application.

'We want the development, but they are not looking in the bigger picture,' he said.

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The current development plan proposes a single access point to the new development and doesn't indicate whether a pedestrian crossing point will be implemented.

According to the Town Council, this a concern for children in the area.

This current layout also suggests the development will have a series of cul-de-sacs which could lead to no space for turning heads, on-street or visitor parking.

The town council have described the road layout as 'poor' and said it would not be able to cater to buses, turning or stopping points.

As well as road layouts, the town council said the development plans didn't mention any traffic calming measures within the estate or at the exit onto the A144.

'The design is very cheap and it just seems like they are trying to cut corners,' Mr Burton added, 'we want this development but we want it done in the character of the town.'

The Beccles and Bungay Journal have attempted to contact with the Waveney District Council.

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