Bungay Olympics next for Bungay v Bungay organisers?

IT was the game that put the global spotlight on Bungay.

A television show in Australia, internet sites in Vietnam and even hit UK panel show Have I Got News For You commented on it.

And now the creator of the Bungay versus Bungay football match is looking for the next challenge – and it might just be a Bungay Olympics.

Shaun Cole said: 'Somebody mentioned about a possible netball game for the ladies or rounders, and I thought perhaps we could actually combine some games together for a Bungay Olympics with the Bungays taking on the townsfolk.

'Although I'm not sure of the format just yet and it will probably be in two years time, as you can't expect people to travel across the country every year.'

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Mr Cole said he was always hoping the football match, which pitted two teams all with the surname Bungay against each other, would help increase the profile of the football club and the town, but didn't quite expect what happened.

'It all went mad. I was hoping for some national coverage but there was far more than I could dream of,' he said.

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'The highlight was to be on Have I Got News For You, I was sat watching it and I nearly fell off my settee when they mentioned it.'

Mr Cole, a fan of show panellist Paul Merton, was even more delighted when he was the punchline of the joke – having organised the event but not shared the surname Bungay.

In all 70 people with the surname Bungay travelled to take part in the game, which was aimed to be a bit of fun, but also raise money for charity and increase the profile of the club and team.

'We have certainly achieved all of those but the trick now is to make sure that results in having a more successful first team,' said Mr Cole, who hopes the club, which is Anglian Combination Division 2, can be promoted to that league's Premier Division within four years.

He added: 'Bungay Town is a great place to play football and my dream is that within 10 years we will once again host an FA Cup match.'

Money is still being collected, but around �1,200 was raised by the club for The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation, which supports vulnerable people.

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