Bungay community transport vehicles targeted by vandals

Appeal after two vehicles belonging to a community transport organisationw were damaged. Picture sho

Appeal after two vehicles belonging to a community transport organisationw were damaged. Picture shows the minibus after the fuel flap has been ripped off and fuel spilt around it. - Credit: Bact

Staff and volunteers at a Bungay community transport service have been left shocked after two of their vehicles were damaged.

Bact Community Transport minibus

Bact Community Transport minibus - Credit: Bact

Suffolk Police are appealing for witnesses after 'criminal damage' to two vehicles belonging to Bact Community Transport.

Both vehicles, one a minibus and the other a wheelchair accessible vehicle, had their fuel caps forced open and the fuel pipes underneath the vehicles cut and drained of fuel.

It means that two of their nine vehicles are now in the garage awaiting repair, therefore causing disruption to the vital service they provide.

Manager, Debbie Blowers said: 'It is so disheartening that there are people out there who are so desperate to steal and cause problems for anyone, but to do so to a charitable organisation which provides such essential services to many vulnerable people on a tight budget is despicable.

'We will now be looking at ways to increase the security in our yard, which will cost the organisation more money, which can then impact on our services and passengers. It really makes us very angry.'

Bact provides transport for people living in the Waveney area as well as a large part of South Norfolk.

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These services are open to everyone and the majority of journeys undertaken are for transporting passengers to medical services and day centres on behalf of the local authorities, but many others are for shopping, hairdressing, and to visit friends and family.

Transport is provided by volunteer drivers who use either their own vehicles or minibuses and wheelchair-accessible vehicle provided by Bact.

Suffolk Police said the incident happened sometime between 4.30pm on March 7, and 8.25am on March 8 at the transport group's base at Harmony Road, Hillside Road East.

A police spokesman said: 'We are investigating an incident of criminal damage where fuel caps belonging to two vehicles were damaged as well as theft of fuel.

'We would like to hear from any witnesses or anyone who saw any suspicious activity around the area on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.'

Anyone with information should contact Norfolk Constabulary by calling 101 and quoting crime reference number 37/21660/17.