Builder jailed for glassing man in face in Wymondham over £20 debt


- Credit: PA

A builder has been jailed six years after he left a man scarred for life when he glassed him in the face over a £20 debt.

Stephen Harvey, 53, got involved with an argument with the victim in Wymondham Snooker Club and they ended up fighting over £20 Harvey was owed, Norwich Crown Court heard.

John Farmer prosecuting, said that Harvey hit the victim in the face with the glass causing a two inch gash near his lip and the victim also received two cuts to his chest, which has also left some scarring.

He said that the victim had to be treated in hospital for the wounds and said the gash to his face had left the victim with a visible scar: 'The wound is going to result in permanent scarring.'

He said that the injury had a huge impact on the victim .

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Harvey, of Orchard Way, Wymondham, admitted causing grievous bodily harm and was jailed for six years.

Michael Clare, for Harvey, said : 'It was not a case of this defendant seeking out the victim for no reason. There was a fight between two men, who had too much to drink.'

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He added: 'It is an argument over money. They get fighting and he resorted to using the glass as part of that fight. He accepts he went over the top in using the glass.'

He said that Harvey, who was a hardworking builder, had also received a leg injury in the fight.

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