Broadland serves Thorpe St Andrew Pinebanks developer with protection notice following reports of vandalism

The derelict Pinebanks buildings Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich. Picture: Steve Adams

The derelict Pinebanks buildings Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich. Picture: Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

A developer has been served a legal notice following reports of people vandalising derelict buildings in Thorpe St Andrew.

Since February, Norfolk Police has received 20 calls reporting anti-social behaviour at various disused sites around the town.

But one of the most troublesome spots is said to be the derelict Pinebanks building, off School Lane.

Thorpe St Andrew town councillor, John Ward, said 'gangs of youngsters' were regularly putting themselves at risk by gaining access to the area.

It has led to Broadland District Council taking action to ensure the building is properly secured.

On April 13 it issued Ocubis, development manager for site's owners Berliet Ltd, with a Community Protection Notice (CPN).

A spokesman for Broadland said: 'There has been ongoing local concern regarding the safety and security of the site at Pinebanks with people entering the site which they should not be doing and we would want that behaviour to stop.

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'It is important that we consider the safety of everyone whatever the circumstances and therefore we felt it appropriate to serve the notice.'

A spokesman for Ocubis said the site had been difficult to secure entirely due to the topography and scale.

'We have endeavoured to manage the surprisingly persistent attempts of those who wish to engage in anti-social behaviour combined with trespass on the Pinebanks site,' the spokesman said.

'As a consequence, security continues to be provided by a combination of physical barriers to entry and the provision of on-site SIA licensed caretakers and security personnel.'

Mr Ward, who lives near to Pinebanks, said young people had been entering the building for around eight years.

But he said it had become much more frequent in recent months.

'In the last couple of months it seems to be the thing for the youngsters to do,' he said. 'There are some new security guards but the site is not secure at all.

'I have seen young people up on the roof on a number of occasions. They are putting themselves at risk.'

Ocubis said it was now seeking to demolish the former Pinebanks buildings.

Planning permission for 231 new homes on the site was granted in 2013.

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