Norfolk and Suffolk Elections 2021: Conservatives hold on in Broadland

Election count underway at the Norfolk Showground

Election count underway at the Norfolk Showground - Credit: Neil Didsbury

Conservatives across Broadland will be celebrating today, after holding all their seats in the county election, including the current county council leader. 

While there are some fresh faces coming from Broadland after conservative Brian Iles and Liberal Democrat David Harrison stood down, the political make-up remains the same. 

In total 11 conservatives and two Liberal Democrats will be representing Broadland in County Hall. 

Andrew Proctor, the current leader of the County Council and councillor for Blofield and Brundall, said they had been elected on a manifesto for Norfolk. 

Andrew Proctor, leader of Norfolk County Council. Pic: Norfolk County Council.

Andrew Proctor, leader of Norfolk County Council. Pic: Norfolk County Council. - Credit: Norfolk County Council

He said: “There are three key strands, one is the post-covid situation, we have got to move on and rebuild our economy. 

“We have big investment plans for Norfolk, we are investing in care, we are investing in the services that people want us to deliver, and also the big infrastructure project such as those in Great Yarmouth and the Norwich Western Link.  

“The third limb of that is all about how we keep working for all our citizens across the whole of the county. 

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“That’s the most important thing, we are here to serve all the residents and businesses in Norfolk.”

A Covid Support Advisor ensuring people maintain social distancing measures

A Covid Support Advisor ensuring people maintain social distancing measures - Credit: Archant

The Liberal Democrats made large gains in Drayton and Horsford, where they were 211 votes shy of incumbent Tony Adams - an increase of 614 votes over the 2017 election. 

Aylsham also proved to be hotly contested, with just 21 votes in it between Liberal Democrat, Steve Riley, and Conservative Hal Turkmen, forcing a recount. 

Mr Riley, who replaces David Harrison, said it had been a hard-fought campaign and he was looking forward to working hard for the community.

"I have always worked hard for the people of Aylsham as a district councillor and now I can do more for them as a county councillor."

Steve Riley held Aylsham for the Liberal Democrats

Steve Riley held Aylsham for the Liberal Democrats - Credit: Archant

Hellesdon saw one of the highest postal vote counts in the county at 49pc of all ballots.

Shelagh Gurney, the returning Hellesdon thanked the community for re-electing her to the county council.

"This is my 21st year on the county council," she said. "I would like to thank all the residents who supported me with their vote."

The Broadland results in full: 

Acle: Cathy Cordiner-Achenbach (L) 506, Caroline Fernandez (G) 295, Emelye Harvey (LD) 293, Lana Hempsall (C) 1321. CON HOLD. Turnout: 35.02pc. 

Aylsham: Andrew Boswell (G) 234 , Stephen Maseko (L) 202, Jonathan Rackham (I) 78, Steve Riley (LD) 1442, Hal Turkmen (C) 1421. LIB DEMS HOLD. Turnout: 39.67pc. 

Blofield and Brundall: Jan Davis (G) 475, Andrew Proctor * (C) 1770, Glenn Springett (L) 553, Ian Wilson (LD) 212. CON HOLD. Turnout: 37.31pc. 

Drayton and Horford: Tony Adams * (C) 1311, Dave Thomas (LD) 1100, Trevor Turk (L) 306. CON HOLD. Turnout: 32.37pc. 

Hellesdon: Bibin Baby (L) 635, David Britcher (LD) 396, Shelagh Gurney * (C) 1734, Ken Parsons (G) 157. CON HOLD. Turnout: 23.90pc. 

Hevingham and Spixworth: Chris Corson (C) 872, Tony Hemmingway (L) 199, Dan Roper * (LD) 1545. LIB DEM HOLD. Turnout: 35.66pc. 

Old Catton: Ian Chapman (G) 227, Jack Manzi (L) 580, Karen Vincent * (C) 1420, Alan Whiteside (LD) 153. CON HOLD. Turnout:36.19pc. 

Reepham: Sue Catchpole (LD) 893, Sarah Morgan (G) 310, Greg Peck * (C) 1388, Tom Rednall (L) 222. CON HOLD. Turnout: 41.2pc. 

Sprowston: Natasha Harpley (L) 1148, Kahn Johnson (G) 212, Simon Lockett (LD) 139, John Ward * (C) 1754. CON HOLD. Turnout: 35.44pc. 

Taverham: Stuart Clancy * (C) 1571, Caroline Karimi-Ghovanlou (LD) 573, Claire Marcham (G) 163, Daryl Wickham (L) 352. CON HOLD. Turnout: 35.06pc. 

Thorpe St Andrew: Eleanor Laming (G) 705, Ian Mackie * (C) 1721, Gurpreet Padda (L) 579, Phyllida Scrivens (LD) 197. CON HOLD. Turnout: 38.72pc. 

Woodside: Martin Booth (L) 1000, John Fisher * (C) 1515, Jim Green (G) 363, Victor Morgan (LD) 116. CON HOLD. Turnout: 35.91pc. 

Wroxham: Nicholas Ball (G) 345, Richard Moore (LD) 288, Julia Wheeler (L) 439, Fran Whymark * (C) 1802. CON HOLD. Turnout: 34.98pc. 

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