Bricks used in attempted break-in at Dereham Rugby Club

Vandals have attempted to break into the rugby club in Dereham and in the process caused minor criminal damage.

The break-in attempt is believed to have taken place sometime on Wednesday night and bricks were used in an attempt to smash through the club’s security doors.

When this failed a brick was thrown through a glass table on the patio.

The club’s bar manager, Phil Prangnell, said: “It is pitch black up there and there’s no lighting unless we are up there so they get away with it. I don’t understand why they would do it.

“We didn’t report it to the police as I’m not sure what they can do. I just hope that the people responsible see sense and rather than wreck the place come and join in with the rugby. We welcome anybody who wants to train.”

Mr Prangnell asked anyone who has information on the incident or who would like to find out more about joining the club to phone him on 07918 146646.

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