‘A sad time for musicians in Norwich’ - readers react to Brickmakers announcement

The Brickmakers has announced it will not be renewing their lease. Photo: Simon Finlay

The Brickmakers has announced it will not be renewing their lease. Photo: Simon Finlay - Credit: EDP pics © 2011(01603) 772434

The popular Brickmakers pub in Norwich has become the third pub this week to announce that it is not renewing their lease.

And readers have reacted with sadness to the news. Here are some comments received on Facebook and Twitter following the statement:

David Finlay - 'Shame, these guys provided a superb venue for new local bands, well done to them for all of the hard work.'

Denise White - 'A sad, sad time for musicians in Norwich.'

Ben Baldwin - 'Never!!! Always seemed a really popular venue. Even back in the 70s.'

Dan Fisher - 'This is such a shame. The local pub is becoming a dying breed. Sad to see.'

Marion Ashford - 'So sad, a good place to meet friends & listen to live music.'

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@ZH956 - 'Oh my goodness! That completely surprises me because it's such a popular music venue.'

@UKHarpists - 'One of the most vibrant live music venues in Norwich'

David Newton - 'Became a legendary place in Norwich for live music.'

June Muskett - 'Goodness if Brickmakers close you do wonder how many pubs in Norwich are safe.'

Alan Clarke - 'What can be done about this? Words of sympathy are fine but after a fight is lost. This will be a terrible blow to the Norwich music scene which is already poor by most major cities standards, everything should be done to try to prevent it.'

Paul Wortley - 'So sorry to hear the news, Brewerys are destroying live music venues and putting the cost of a regular pint out of reach of the ordinary working man....disgusting.'

Sarah Reeve - 'Heartbroken.... you guys have done such a service to the reputation of the pub and forged a real community and family atmosphere whilst running what I believe to be a totally unrivalled music venue.'

Jim Hedra - 'You did almost everything that a Venue could and should do, you're all awesome, were gutted but also proud for you and for running the most open minded Rock Venue in Norwich since the Oval days, thanks for giving us something valuable to our memories!'

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