Councillor admits hitting two pedestrians with car wing mirror

Great Yarmouth Borough Councillor Brian Lawn

Brian Lawn, councillor for Caister South ward at Great Yarmouth Borough Council - Credit: James Bass

A councillor has admitted colliding with two pedestrians while driving and causing them minor injuries last summer.

Brian Lawn, 74, of Fairway, Caister, indicated a guilty plea to the charge of driving without due care and attention on August 10, 2020, by post.

He had been scheduled to attend a hearing Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court on February 1 but because of his own stint as a Justice of the Peace, and friendship with several members of the Norfolk magistrates' bench, his case has been moved to Ipswich.

The court said this was to ensure fairness and the prospect of an unbiased hearing.

According to the charge Mr Lawn, councillor for Caister South ward in Great Yarmouth, did not give a passing group of pedestrians sufficient room or space while they were walking on the carriageway on Beach Road due to a lack of footway. 

As a result, Mr Lawn collided with two of the pedestrians with his wing mirror and the body of the vehicle, causing them discomfort and bruising.

His case will be heard at Ipswich Crown Court on March 4 at 3.30pm.