Bressingham locomotive plays a part in new blockbuster film

The steam locomotive from Bressingham Steam and Gardens, which features in the new Tarzan movie. Lef

The steam locomotive from Bressingham Steam and Gardens, which features in the new Tarzan movie. Left to right, Ray King (Operations Manager) and Peter Vine (Driver). - Credit: Gregg Brown

A popular attraction in a south Norfolk village has played its part in a big-budget blockbuster movie.

Bressingham Steam and Gardens' Norwegian locomotive King Haakon is back on display in the site's museum after undergoing a cosmetic transformation to be part of The Legend of Tarzan, which has been released in cinemas.

Phillip Rooke, from the museum, said Warner Brothers had been looking up and down the country before it found the train it was after.

He said: 'They gave us a phone call and a couple of visits. More and more people came and at the end we got the contract. They wanted a loco, something that would've looked like it would have run in Africa and the Congo.'

And despite being what the producers were looking for, they wanted a certain look, so staff and volunteers had to change the locomotive's appearance.

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Mr Rooke said: 'It was green but part of the specification meant we had to paint the loco black. We had to take the fitting and lamps and the generator off and then we had to paint it black with a bit of red.

'Then the special effects team and the design team changed it a bit more. They've put some cosmetic dust on it too so it looks like the real thing.'

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It took three months to transform the locomotive and staff and volunteers were at Warner Brothers' Leavesden Studios in London while filming took place.

'It was really interesting. We saw the whole process, we saw the complete set during filming and saw the actors and directors,' Mr Rooke said. 'It's a completely different world but we really embraced it.'

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