Breckland Council calls on residents to recycle as much as possible over Christmas period

Breckland district councillor Lynda Turner is taking part in the council's programme of events for L

Breckland district councillor Lynda Turner is taking part in the council's programme of events for Local Democracy Week. - Credit: Photo: © Keith Mindham Photo

Breckland Council is calling on people to 'Recycle Right' this Christmas to ensure as much recycling as possible is collected from across the district and waste diverted to landfill is minimised.

Residents are being urged to make the most of their recycling bins by collecting up festive recyclables, including wrapping paper, greetings cards, glass bottles, and clean food cartons.

'The Christmas and New Year periods are likely to be times when households have more cardboard packaging, wrapping paper, glass, and food tins than ever, so it is important that as much of the recyclable material as possible is collected,' said Lynda Turner, Breckland's executive member for place.

Things that can go in your recycle bin include wrapping paper (minus sticky tape), shredded paper, greetings cards, clean glass bottles and jars, clean food tins and drink cans and clean takeaway cartons.

Things to be put in the rubbish bin (or elsewhere) include plastic bags and all bagged waste, food waste (peelings / raw veg can be composted at home), dirty kitchen foil,jars, tubs and paper plates, sticky tape, crisp packets and sweet wrappers.

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Old toys could go to a charity shop if they are in good condition, and old electricals can go to a local recycling centre.

Real Christmas trees can go out with a garden waste bin if you have one, or to a recycling centre if you don't. Artificial trees can also go to a recycling centre.

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