Fly-tipper left envelope with name and address among dumped rubbish

The rubbish was fly-tipped in Kimms Belt, Thetford.

The rubbish was fly-tipped in Kimms Belt, Thetford. - Credit: Breckland Council

A fly-tipper made it easy for the local council to catch him – he left his name and address among the rubbish he dumped in Norfolk.

Working with Breckland Council, staff from household collection services firm Serco investigated waste dumped by a dog waste bin in Kimms Belt, Thetford.

They found an envelope with a name and address on it and notified the council so its enforcement officers could make contact.

The man was slapped with a £300 fixed penalty notice and warned that anti-social behaviour like fly-tipping can be a breach of a tenancy agreement and possibly result in eviction.

Breckland chairman Gordon Bambridge

Breckland councillor Gordon Bambridge. - Credit: Breckland Council

Commenting on the case, Breckland's member for environmental and public protection Gordon Bambridge said: "There’s always a way to dispose of your rubbish that doesn’t involve dumping it on the street, and I’m glad to say the vast majority of our residents find one."

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