Breckland area results in Norfolk County Council election

Scenes from the Norfolk County Council Election count at Memorial Hall in Dereham for the Breckland

Scenes from the Norfolk County Council Election count at Memorial Hall in Dereham for the Breckland Area. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

Breckland results

ATTLEBOROUGH; Alec Byrne* (C HOLD), 907; John Savory (UKIP), 758; John Williams (Lab), 530; Pat McClenning (LD), 134. Turnout: 26.3pc.

DEREHAM NORTH: William Richmond (C HOLD), 909; Anna Hamilton (UKIP), 793; Harry Clarke (Lab), 472; Ann Bowyer (Green), 224. Turnout 30.9pc.

DEREHAM SOUTH: Paul Gilmour (UKIP GAIN), 876; Gordon Bambridge (C), 693; Craig Warmer (Lab) 528; Paul Speed (LD), 180; David Bowyer (Green), 112; Chris Olley (CPA), 58. Turnout 23.83pc.

ELMHAM AND MATTISHALL: Bill Borrett* (C HOLD), 1380; Anthony Moore (UKIP), 903; Linda Goreham (Lab), 545. Turnout: 31.7pc.

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GUILTCROSS: Stephen Askew (C HOLD), 1132; Jeremy Power (UKIP), 692; Jim Waters (Lab), 438; Steve Gordon (LD), 334. Turnout 31.4pc:

NECTON AND LAUNDITCH: Mark Kiddle-Morris* (C HOLD) 1289; James Leigh-Wood (UKIP), 867; Joe Sisto (Lab), 582; Jane Keidan-Cooper (Green), 254; Glynn Burrows (Independent), 180. Turnout: 36.7pc.

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SWAFFHAM: Paul Smyth (UKIP GAIN) 1055; Ann Steward* (C), 949; Matthew Fulton (Lab), 367. Turnout: 30.4pc.

THE BRECKS: Ian Monson* (C HOLD), 1253; James Vernon (UKIP), 1082; Stephen Green (Lab), 301; Jeff Prosser (Green), 194; Mark Clamp (CPA), 95. Turnout: 33.6pc.

THETFORD EAST: Denis Crawford (UKIP GAIN), 896; Marion Chapman-Allen* (C), 502; Brenda Canham (Lab), 360; Julia Yelloly (Green), 85; Bodo Rissmann (LD), 63. Turnout: 24.5pc.

THETFORD WEST: Peter Georgiou (UKIP GAIN), 814; Terry Jermy (Lab), 813; Tristan Ashby (C), 353; Danny Jeffrey (LD), 122; Carl Clark (CPA), 134; Sandra Walmsley (Green), 64. Turnout: 23.87pc.

WATTON: Stan Hebborn (UKIP GAIN), 808; John Rogers* (C), 662; Keith Gilbert (Independent), 569; Margaret Holmes (Lab), 230; Timothy Birt (Green), 102. Turnout: 28.1pc.

YARE AND ALL SAINTS: Cliff Jordan* (C HOLD), 1074; Paul Thompson (UKIP), 942; John Michie (Lab), 421. Turnout: 32.4pc.


(C) Conservative Party; (CPA) Christian Peoples Alliance: (LD) Liberal Democrat Party; (Lab) Labour Party; (G) Green Party; (Ind) Independent; (UKIP) UK Independence Party; (*) sitting candidate

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