Brave Cawston man set for marathon fightback against illness

A north Norfolk man who battled to overcome a debilitating condition will realise a long-held dream when he takes part in the London Marathon.

Phil Turner was diagnosed with ME six years ago but he has slowly worked on overcoming its symptoms enough to take part in the world famous race and complete a lifelong goal.

The 36-year-old from Cawston said being told he had ME was a 'complete and utter bombshell' and for years he struggled to come to terms with the condition, which would leave him feeling constantly weak and tired.

But with help from Action for ME - the charity he is supporting with his marathon efforts - the keen sports fan has managed to get on top of his symptoms and now feels he can take on the 26 mile race.

Mr Turner, from Marshall Howard Close, said: 'My life ground to a halt. I went from being quite an active person playing lots of sport to not being able to do anything, which was obviously a bit of a shock.

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'Thankfully through good support I was able to manage the illness and start re-building my life slightly.

'About a year ago I realised I had got to a point where I could manage it to an extent where I could achieve something like this. Although it will still be difficult it's something I'd like to do.'

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The business analyst, who works for budget airline easyJet, is now training once a week and also working to reach his fundraising target for the campaigning support charity, which he said was there for him through 'bad times'.

'I wanted to give something back,' he added. 'I'm trying to get up to �1,400 - as much as I can really, every penny helps.'

Mr Turner said he was not worried about how long it would take him to complete the road race on April 22 as he would be running some sections and walking others.

And he hoped his efforts would show fellow sufferers that ME did not have to mean the end of a 'normal life'.

He said: 'I want to get across to people you can have this and get some control of your life and to some extent have a normal life. Don't think 'I have got this I'm going to be bedridden' - don't give up.'

? To donate to Mr Turner's marathon fund visit

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