Bradwell woman’s latest defibrillator donation is a hit

Defibrillator donated to Hemsby lifeboat from Jayne Biggs

Defibrillator donated to Hemsby lifeboat from Jayne Biggs - Credit: Jayne Biggs

A Bradwell mother is celebrating placing her eighth defibrillator in the community on behalf of her charity, Heart 2 Heart Norfolk.

Jayne Biggs set up Heart 2 Heart after her daughter, Violet, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest when she was 7-years-old.

Jayne said: 'My husband and I performed CPR on her for seven minutes, when the paramedics got to our home they shocked her with a defibrillator and performed CPR for a further two minutes and she survived.'

It was this brush with death that made Jayne realise the importance of defibrillators.

She added: 'If you suffer a sudden cardiac arrest with no CPR your chance of survival is 5pc, with CPR it's 9pc, but with a defibrillator and CPR your chance of survival is over 50pc.'

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Since setting up Heart 2 Heart Norfolk Jayne has made it her mission to get more defibrillators installed in the community,

'I raise all the money myself, ' she said. 'I take donations, do tombolas, and have help from local councillors. This year I have already placed eight defibrillators in our local community.'

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Most recently, Jayne and Violet visited Hemsby Lifeboat and handed the crew their new defibrillator.

It cost £1200, as it's a specialist waterproof one, and Jayne raised £790 of this the Hemsby Lifeboat Day.

The extra £410 she funded from the Heart 2 Heart charity fund.

A spokesman from Hemsby lifeboat said: 'We are thrilled at this act of generosity and the lifesaving defibrillator will be permanently mounted on the busy Broads Lifeboat providing essential medical care if the need arises.'

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