Boy who helped friend after crash named community hero for Norwich City vs Manchester City match

Sigurd Sorboen, 12, left, known as Siggy to his friends, will be Norwich City's Community Hero for t

Sigurd Sorboen, 12, left, known as Siggy to his friends, will be Norwich City's Community Hero for the home match against Manchester City on March 12. With Joe Fisher and Alex Neil. Photo: Norwich City Community Sports Foundation - Credit: Archant

His quick thinking helped a friend in his hour of need, and now he will be honoured as Norwich City's community hero at today's home match against Manchester City.

Sigurd Sorboen, known as Siggy to his friends, is being recognised for his calm and mature actions after a car hit his close friend, Joe Fisher, who is a player in the Community Sports Foundation's Player Development Centre.

They were walking to school when Joe was hit at 30mph, lifting him up in the air and breaking his pelvis, as well as knocking him unconscious.

Siggy, who is 12, immediately jumped into action, calling an ambulance for his friend before getting hold of Joe's mum, Lisa, to tell her what had happened.

After Joe regained consciousness and became visibly distressed, Siggy continued to talk to him to reassure him that an ambulance was on the way and that he would be OK.

When the emergency services arrived, Siggy gave details of the accident and did not leave his friend's side until he was safely in the ambulance.

Joe is now out of hospital, and, according to his mum, describes Siggy as his hero.

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Asked by footballer Nathan Redmond how he kept so calm, Siggy replied simply: 'I just did what anyone else would have done.'

The pair will bring out the matchball today at the start of the crunch tie.

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