Boy racers leave their mark on Great Yarmouth seafront - should more be done to clampdown on nuisance drivers?

Boy racers leave their mark on Great Yarmouth seafront. Picture by Albert Jones.

Boy racers leave their mark on Great Yarmouth seafront. Picture by Albert Jones. - Credit: Archant

Boy racers accused of being a constant nuisance on Great Yarmouth's Golden Mile continue to be closely monitored.

Two weeks after Yarmouth businessman Albert Jones again called for a clamp down on drivers who congregate on the seafront on summer nights, he has again highlighted some of the problems they leave behind.

Today Mr Jones, who owns the Pleasure Beach, said black skid marks were covering the road surface, making the seafront resemble a racecourse rather than a family-friendly tourist street.

Last month Mr Jones said he had felt 'compelled' to speak out after hearing that a child had almost been hit by a car while standing at a zebra crossing, adding that more park customers had demanded refunds wanting to leave early to escape the 'hostile' environment.

Modified high performance cars have long been meeting on Yarmouth seafront.

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Earlier this year, a noise monitoring operation was mounted by Great Yarmouth Borough Council in response to complaints from residents who say they cannot sleep and have to endure noisy antics until the early hours.

Previous crackdowns have involved poster campaigns, patrols, vehicle checks and a red-card anti-social driving campaign.

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Great Yarmouth Borough Council said it works with Norfolk Constabulary, Norfolk County Council Highways, ward councillors and residents to tackle the problem caused by some car enthusiasts in the South Beach Parade area and another meeting is due to be held this autumn.

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