WATCH: Father-of-two is surprised with £104,000 Porsche competition prize

Glyn Cotton, 34, from Attleborough, was surprised with a brand new Porsche after entering a competit

Glyn Cotton, 34, from Attleborough, was surprised with a brand new Porsche after entering a competition. Photo: BOTB - Credit: Archant

A father-of-two was given the surprise of a lifetime when he was presented with a brand new Porsche, worth £104,000, after winning a car lottery competition.

Glyn Cotton, 34, was at home in Attleborough with wife Rachael when he was surprised by a representative from the car lottery company, BOTB, which hands out free cars to lucky winners every week.

Ms Cotton, who was in on the surprise, convinced her husband to stay at home Tuesday morning so he could receive the prize in person, telling him a skip was due to be delivered as a decoy.

Later that morning, BOTB presenter Christian Williams arrived to deliver the lime green Porsche Carrera GTS, alongside a film crew poised to capture the moment.

Mr Cotton, who entered the competition after hearing about it from a friend, said: "This hasn't sunk in at all. I'm still in disbelief. It's a car I've always loved and I can't believe it's mine. It's really the dream car."

As well as a new set of wheels, the 34-year-old received £20,000 in cash, which he said would be a huge help finishing ongoing work on his Attleborough home.

The couple will also take their two children, aged nine and two, on a dream holiday to Disneyland Florida.

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Since being founded in 1999 by William Hindmarch, BOTB has given away more than £30m worth of prizes.

Christian Williams, who has the fun job of surprising winners with their prizes, said: "It's such an amazing moment when you surprise someone with a car of this calibre."

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