Book reveals town’s lost pubs

Picture: James Bass

Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

It's not surprising to discover that Lowestoft has been home to more than 180 pubs when you consider that up to 3,000 thirsty fishermen a night would be out drinking during the fishing season in the 1860s.

Picture: James Bass

Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

Over the last century however, many of these 'beerhouses' have been lost.

A new book by Crispin Hook uncovers the forgotten past of Lowestoft's pubs.

The book, entitled Lowestoft's Pubs, Beer-Houses, Taverns, Inn's and Stores Then and Now, features 184 different hostelries, some of which are still open and others that have long since been converted for another use or demolished entirely.

It includes now and then pictures and extracts from newspapers at the time, which reveal how the drinkers caused merry Hell and trouble within Lowestoft.

Mr Hook said: 'All the pubs are interesting once you begin researching them.

'The majority of them are all gone now.

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'I looked through a lot of old Journals from the Victorian period and the stories are very detailed.'

One tragic story describes how a baby was found abandoned at the Forrester's Arms in Commercial Road in 1852. About two weeks later, a young woman died suddenly at work in Eye. A post-mortem and investigation found she had recently delivered a child and was planning to take the child to it's father in Lowestoft. The pub landlord adopted the child and the circumstances at the time led to much gossip in the town.

Another tale tells of a fisherman who had his stomach pumped after accepting a challenge to drink eight pints in as many minutes.

Mr Hook's book costs £19.99 and is available from Waterstone's in London Road North, Lowestoft and online from Amazon and Ebay.

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