How to reassure your pets on Bonfire Night

If you’re an owner of a nervous dog, my heart really goes out to you at this time of year

If you’re an owner of a nervous dog, my heart really goes out to you at this time of year - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A veterinary practice in Norfolk has issued guidance for pet owners to help reassure their animals.

Bonfire Night is enjoyed by many every year as spectacular fireworks light up the skies.

However, it can also be a stressful time of year for animals.

Taverham Vets has provided advice for pet owners to help reassure their animals during the celebrations.

1. Keep your pets indoors

Pets could panic when fireworks go off so it is recommended to keep them inside where they are safe from danger. Try drowning the sound out by using loud music or other background noises.

2. Distract your pet from the noise

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Toys and food are a great distraction for pets. Pet owners should try to spend some extra time with their animals to reassure them.

3. Provide a safe place for them to retreat to

Every pet should have a place for them to retreat to and feel safe. Keep the door open so they can come in and out as they please. 

4. Don't smother your pet

Pet owners should be mindful not to overwhelm their animals with too much unusual attention as it could lead to confusion and make them more stressed.

5. Keep your pet company

Consider skipping the celebration and being there for your pet if they will be at home on their own.

6. Consider using a natural calming aid

Taverham Vets has advised the use of Vetpro which can help calm anxious pets and aid relaxation in stressful situations.

Over the past five years, the RSPCA received 1,621 calls about fireworks and the effect it has had on animals.

A spokesman for RSPCA said: "We see heartbreaking videos and images of animals struggling to cope during fireworks and the stress it causes them.

"We want to see fireworks regulations changed to protect our pets, wildlife and farm animals."

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