Bomb disposal squad called to Knapton

A bomb disposal squad had to be called out after a shell case which still had its firing mechanism was found in amongst items being used for a flower festival in north Norfolk.

The squad arrived in Knapton, near Mundesley, on Thursday after being called out to take a look at the shell case by organisers of a flower festival in the village Methodist church.

Lorraine Holtam, who was one of those helping with the festival, which took place on Saturday and Sunday said the shell case had been picked up a while ago by someone looking for bits for the flower festival, which was organised in aid of the Royal British Legion and on the theme of 'They Fought for Our Freedom'.

It was while putting the shell into one of the flower arrangements she said, that the person discovered it still had its firing mechanism on it.

The police were called and they then contacted the bomb disposal squad.

Members of the RAF Bomb Disposal Team at RAF Wittering, examined the shell, removed the firing mechanism and declared it safe.