Bodham turbine plans divide parish council

Bodham parish councillors have been split by controversial plans to build a single wind turbine in their village.

At a meeting last night to decide once and for all whether they would support or oppose Genetec's proposals for the 84 metre high turbine, members were unable to reach a majority.

After discussing the plans, which have divided residents in and around the village, a straw poll revealed three councillors were in favour of the turbine, and three were against. Chairman Harry Bruford could have made a deciding vote, but thought it would be unfair to parishioners to do so.

Barbara Emery, parish clerk, said: 'Because the parish council was divided we felt it wouldn't be fair on parishioners for the chairman to take a casting vote, to vote one way or another, as it would have been his personal opinion.'

Members will now be passing on their feedback to the district council, which will have the final say on whether the turbine can be built.

But instead of registering whether they are for or against it they will be presenting an overview of residents' comments, which were collected during two parish meetings held specially to discuss the turbine.

Mrs Emery added: 'The outcome was just divided between councillors as to what should be said and it was decided I would put comments forward to reflect that, and the fact we have had two parish meetings and we would reflect the outcome of those.'

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A date has not yet been set as to when North Norfolk District Council will make a final decision over the turbine plans.

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