Blog: Weigh me in for the ‘Lotus diet’

Lotus Elise Cup 250 sheds up to 31kg to become the fastest road-going Elise ever.

Lotus Elise Cup 250 sheds up to 31kg to become the fastest road-going Elise ever. - Credit: Lotus

Lotus is very skilled at shifting a few kilos from its cars so motoring editor Andy Russell wonders if its boffins can make him a bit lighter too!

I had some weighty issues on my mind with the prospect of shedding a few kilos filling most of one day. Having visited Lotus at Hethel to find out how the iconic sports car maker has cut 21kg from its new £45,600 Elise Cup 250 which now tips the scales at 931kg – 31kg to 921kg if you opt for the gorgeous £4,000 carbon aero pack – I then signed up to shed a few kilos myself at Slimming World.

After all, what is the point of Lotus going to great lengths stripping down its cars in its Lightweight Laboratory to scrutinise every part and shave and trim unnecessary weight in its pursuit of being lighter, faster and better, only for me to keep piling them on and undo all the good it is doing.

Rather than a long time dieting perhaps I could have a spell in the Lightweight Laboratory myself, being stripped down, fettled and honed to athletic perfection by losing my unwanted kilos – 21kg would be ideal.

And, while the engineering boffins are at it, perhaps they could also make me four inches taller in my pursuit of a lithe, lightweight beautiful body.

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The guys at Lotus may be meticulous, and immensely clever, but I fear that might be beyond them!

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