New locally-shot film to make legendary Black Shuck a star of the screen

Film-maker Josh Trett at the premiere of previous film 'Above the Fold'. Picture: Courtesy of Josh T

Film-maker Josh Trett at the premiere of previous film 'Above the Fold'. Picture: Courtesy of Josh Trett - Credit: Submitted

He is a legendary figure in Norfolk folk history, whose ghostly story has been retold for generations.

Black Shuck. Picture: Sam Robbins

Black Shuck. Picture: Sam Robbins - Credit: Eastern Counties Newspapers

Now Black Shuck, the ghoulish dog which is said to have roamed parts of Norfolk and Suffolk is to be the subject of a Norwich film-maker's upcoming movie.

The Black Shuck is the latest project of 24-year-old Josh Trett, whose previous films have been shown at festivals across the globe.

The film will tell the tale of a grieving mother, who is haunted by the legendary black dog following the loss of her daughter.

It is set to star Holby City actress Rebecca Grant and will be filmed across a variety of locations in Norfolk.

Black Shuck weather vane in Bungay. Photo: Bill Darnell

Black Shuck weather vane in Bungay. Photo: Bill Darnell - Credit: Archant © 2005

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Mr Trett said: 'Lots of people have suggested I make a film around Black Shuck, however, I have never really had the right story for him.

'However, I think the idea and script we now have really works and there has been quite a bit of excitement about it.

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'Lots of people have been getting in touch about it and telling me all about growing up with the legend of Black Shuck, so it is quite exciting.'

Locations already earmarked for filming - which starts in two weeks - include sites in Norwich, North Walsham and Wroxham.

However, Mr Trett said he was not planning for the film to be solely about the beastly hound.

He added: 'With horror films there is almost always a subtext - for example, Jaws is not just a film about a shark going around eating people.

'In this, it will be up to the viewer as to whether Black Shuck is genuinely there, or if he is a manifestation of the dark things the mother is going through.'

Mr Trett is now crowdfunding to try and make the project as good as it possibly can be, with a target budget of £3,500.

However, regardless of how much he raises, the film will still go ahead, with Mr Trett aiming to premiere it at the Fear in the Fens Festival in October.

The crowdfunding page can be found by searching Black Shuck on

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