'Normal for Norfolk' - Village post box shut as birds nest inside

A North Norfolk post box is being used by nesting birds

A post box in Bodham has been temporarily deccomissioned due to nesting birds deciding to use the box as their home. - Credit: Callum Ringer

It may not be everyone's idea of first-class accommodation but for one nesting bird, a post box has been given the stamp of approval.

Royal Mail has temporarily decommissioned a post box in Hart Lane, Bodham due to a bird using it as a nesting box.

Callum Ringer, vice chairman of Bodham Parish Council, said while he was aware of other examples of post boxes being taken over by birds he thought it was a first for this particular post box.

"I don't know what's nesting in there, I think a robin is most likely, just because they often find quite strange places to nest.

"It just sounds part of that 'normal for Norfolk' but it sort of fits into that rural idyll, birds nesting in little post boxes in the middle of nowhere."

While the Hart Lane post box is out of use, the nearest post boxes with 4.30pm collections are on Bodham Street and Sheringham Road, West Beckham.