‘Bin the boobs’, urge anti-Page 3 protesters in Norwich

Campaigners outside Norwich WH Smith appealing for the public to support their call for page 3 image

Campaigners outside Norwich WH Smith appealing for the public to support their call for page 3 images of women to stop being published. Photo: Steve Adams

Campaigners summoned the spirit of the Suffragettes as they called for newspapers to 'bin the boobs' and scrap topless Page 3 girls.

Around 15 men and women, some in fancy dress, gathered outside the doors of WH Smith in Norwich to protest at a tabloid tradition they say is out of date and objectifies women to the detriment of society.

The group spent an hour outside the shop in Gentleman's Walk, holding banners and talking to customers and passers-by.

Protester Jessica Goldfinch said: 'This is the 21st century and it's about time we got rid of Page 3.

'It's always someone else's daughter, or mother or auntie – until it's yours. If people imagined their own family members objectified and for sale I think they would feel quite differently.'

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Ms Goldfinch said the protesters had encountered a mixed reception on the street.

'Some people are embarrassed, some think we're silly and other people say they work in shops and feel uncomfortable selling these newspapers.'

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'But the more that people are visible like this as a group, the more impact it will have.

'The Sun touts itself as a family newspaper, but really it's soft porn for men and male titillation.'

Norwich campaigner Claire Riseborough, who also took part in Saturday's protest, scored a victory last week when her pressure group Child Eyes successfully called for French Connection to remove from its shop windows a controversial poster featuring a half-naked model.

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