Bike retrieved from Swaffham bank roof

A bicycle perched on the roof of a town-centre bank in Swaffham could have endangered people in the street below, police said.

Fire crews were called to retrieve the bike from its precarious position on the roof of the HSBC building on Swaffham's market place, just before 9am on Saturday.

Sgt Ian Strutt, of Norfolk Police, said he believed it was the work of late-night pranksters.

'It is not the sort of thing you see very often,' he said. 'I would think it was a prank, as if you were going to steal something, you would not leave it somewhere so visible.

'The fear was that, in windy weather, it might have blown down and fell on someone. It could have been a danger to those below, but I'm sure that's not what whoever did this was thinking.'

The bike is now waiting to be claimed in the police's 'found property' store.

'If someone has come out of a pub on Friday night and found their bike had been stolen, then they should get in touch with our neighbourhood officers,' said Sgt Strutt.

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?Contact Norfolk police on 0845 456 4567.