Big breakfast and a blockbuster as Bawdeswell remembers the Titanic

A village will this weekend pay its own tribute to the liner Titanic, a century to the day after she sank with the loss of some 1,500 lives.

Bawdeswell families have designated Sunday, April 15, Titanic Day, and will commemorate the 1912 disaster and its victims with a series of events recalling the events in words, pictures and on film.

Activities will unfold from 8.30am at Bawdeswell Village Hall and continue into the early evening.

A Titanic Breakfast will be served at 9am, when a 'full English' will be served to those who turn up (�5 adults, �2.50 children and under-fives free). This will involve Bawdeswell Activities Group and its busy youth wing; adults will do the cooking and young people will wait at tables.

At 11am, Bawdeswell Village Cinema will be showing the first of two free film screenings. A Night To Remember (PG) was the 1958 interpretation of the tragic events, and starred Kenneth More.

Then at 2pm you can see Titanic (12A), the 1997 Hollywood blockbuster version starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

During the day an exhibition will be on display explaining what happened shortly before midnight on April 14, 1912, when the mighty White Star ship struck an iceberg while on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York.

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Bawdeswell has a reputation for the breadth of its community spirit, and Fel Roberts, who with David Cockburn has been a leading light in organising Titanic Day, said the event was just the latest way to bring people of all ages together.

She said: 'We just like to do something different. We do so much and so many different things here – it's just a matter of trying to find something a bit new, a bit quirky, to interest people.'

Money raised from the breakfast will go towards more improvements to the play area in the village, and donations given at the film showings and the exhibition, plus profits of the village bar/cafe (open from 10.45am), will go towards Bawdeswell's fund to provide a new hall. Fel said this was continuing to proceed well and that there was now about �16,000 in the coffers.

Bookings for the Titanic Breakfast to Fel on 01362 688876.

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