Number of e-scooters doubles in Norwich as Beryl scheme extended

Norwich have been selected to trial the Beryl e-scooters. Picture shows Sabrina Johnson, EDP journal

Norwich have been selected to trial the Beryl e-scooters. Picture shows Sabrina Johnson, EDP journalist trialling the scooter. Picture: KATE WOLSTENHOLME - Credit: KATE WOLSTENHOLME

Norwich is set to see around 100 extra e-scooters on its roads, after a successful bid to expand the Beryl scheme. 

Beryl has announced that its e-scooter fleet in the city centre will increase, with 250 scooters now readily available to the public.

It comes after the initial introduction back in March 2020, which saw 89 Beryl Bays with 465 pedal bikes and 115 e-bikes introduced to Norwich for the first time.  

Later that year the company then announced that around 100 e-scooters would also be made available in the city, after receiving government approval by the Department for Transport as part of the nationwide trial for rental e-scooters.  

To celebrate the expansion of the scheme, the company is giving all new and existing bike and e-bike users in Norwich the first 10 minutes of their very first scooter ride free until September 20.  

Beryl CEO, Philip Ellis said: “We’re so pleased to be offering more e-scooters to those who live, work and visit Norwich as a sustainable and safe way to get around this brilliant city. 

“The introduction of these additional e-scooters will have a positive impact on the local environment, bring a bit more fun into people’s daily routines and encourage people to think about smarter ways to travel.” 

Martin Wilby, Norfolk County Council’s cabinet member for highways, infrastructure and transport, added: “This government-backed trial is designed to help provide the crucial evidence needed when ministers are considering the future legal basis of e-scooters.  

“Its continuation and expansion will be carefully monitored and help provide information on the benefits of this new mode of transport, and also insight into ways to tackle issues raised both locally and nationally as a result of the increased use of e-scooters. 

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“Results so far have proven interesting as in Norwich 17pc of users surveyed saying they’d switched their journey from private car to e-scooter.” 

Beryl encourages safe responsible riding only on roads and cycle lanes, where scooters are permitted.

Any user caught riding while under the influence of alcohol could lead to drink driving charges, including points on their licence or a driving ban.