Man, 22, may have been taking ‘risky selfie’ when he fell to his death

Norfolk Coroner's Court in Norwich. Picture: Simon Parkin

Norfolk Coroner's Court in Norwich. Picture: Simon Parkin - Credit: Simon Parkin

A coroner has delivered a warning to others after a 22-year-old man fell to his death when he may have been trying to take a 'risky selfie' on a power pylon.

Benjamin Bassett, from Necton, died in a field off Bradenham Lane, in Scarning near Dereham, on October 28 last year. His body was found next to a power pylon by a gamekeeper, 15-20 metres from the nearest path.

Yvonne Blake, area coroner, said at an inquest into his death at Norfolk Coroner's Court on Wednesday, March 11, that there was no evidence what Mr Bassett had been doing before his death.

But his mum, Gail Rees, said she had heard a rumour that her son, who was a roofer, was trying to take a selfie from the pylon.

A statement from Mrs Rees, read by the coroner, read: 'He was known to be quite a risk taker, once climbing a 30ft Christmas tree in the centre of town just to give his mates a laugh.'

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Mr Bassett had multiple skeletal injuries, and he was found in a depression in the field, which is thought to have been caused by him falling from the pylon.

Mrs Blake gave an 'open' conclusion because 'we don't know what happened'.

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She said: 'You think he was likely to have been taking a risky selfie. But I haven't got evidence either way, apart from a rumour.

'Given that he was quite an adventurous sort of a man and physically fit that may well be the case, but just being found next to a pylon is not enough [to prove what happened].'

MORE: Roofer who died in field near Dereham namedMrs Blake added, as a warning to others: 'It is not to be encouraged that young people go near pylons and climb them for any purpose, if that's what happened. It's to be left to the professionals.'

Mrs Rees' statement also said: 'Ben cared deeply about his family - me, his step-dad and his two sisters. Ben was a loving and caring son who would do anything for the people he loved.'

Mrs Rees later added: 'He was a kind and loving son, and he loved all of his family.'

The inquest heard Mr Bassett had no signs of low mood or mental health issues, and he was in the process of converting a van into a campervan, as he planned to take it to France to stay for the ski season.

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