Belton couple grateful for support for their sick puppy

Jill and John Mason's dog, Brandy, has two displaced hips and has been ill since they got him.

Jill and John Mason's dog, Brandy, has two displaced hips and has been ill since they got him. - Credit: Geraldine Scott

A fundraising page has been set up to help towards vet bills for a sick puppy.

As reported in last week's Mercury Jill and John Mason have already spent £1,000 since getting their Golden Labrador Brandy six months ago.

But the Belton couple may now be faced with releasing equity on their home to pay for two expensive hip operations for the dog.

Meanwhile, the woman who sold puppy Brandy to the Masons has said he was in good health when he left her home.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said she wasn't a puppy breeder, but rather she had sold Brandy from a litter her family dog had had. But she said she would have been happy for the Masons to look around her home.

The woman said she shared Mr Mason's wish that people were careful when buying pets.

She said 'there are a lot of puppy farms out there' which do not do things properly.

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'But Brandy came with his paperwork from the vet,' she said. 'And we offer four weeks free insurance.'

On the hip displacement, the woman admitted her dogs were not hip scored - a procedure used to determine the degree of hip dysplasia in dogs.

But she explained this was because her dogs were family pets, not meant for breeding, and she said she would happily explain this to anyone.

'But even if they were both hip scored they could still have a puppy with bad hips,' she said.

Mr Mason, 71, said he was grateful for the support people had shown - and he had even been recognised in the supermarket.

'We were at the vets on Tuesday and we've said we definitely want the operation,' he said.

'I had a man on the phone who was giving us advice in a nice way too.

'I'm not saying the lady we bought him off did something wrong. It's more to get people to get their dogs checked.

'It's Brandy I'm concerned about.'

Mr and Mrs Mason's granddaughter, Chloe Smith, has since set up a GoFundMe page to help with costs.

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