Why is a man pushing a barrel of beer around a Norfolk village?


The observant among us may have noticed a man rolling a blue barrel of beer around a village's streets this week.

Brewery owner David Holliday, who lives in Hellesdon, has been pushing the 76kg keg around Hindringham and Norwich for the past week.

Mr Holliday is in training for a mammoth charity beer push, which will see him push the barrel 143 miles from his brewery Moon Gazer in north Norfolk to St Bart's Hospital, in London, and then on to the Houses of Parliament.

He is rolling the keg to raise awareness of testicular cancer and support the work of small Norfolk-based charity It's On The Ball.

It is also in support of fellow Hellesdon local Steve Risebrough, whose son Fred was treated at St Bart's Hospital but died of the disease.

Mr Holliday said: "We wanted to do something to raise awareness as this is one of the biggest killers of young men in the country, but crucially 98pc of all cases can be cured if it is caught in time.

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"So, for once it isn't just about raising money it's about spreading the word and encouraging young men to check themselves. "If through me pushing 76kg the 143 miles to London we can just get young men talking about the disease that will be amazing."

The beer push will take approximately nine days and will see Mr Holliday travel an average of 17 miles a day. Pushing the keg around Hellesdon and Hindringham is helping him train for the event.

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Mr Holliday said: "I am determined to push the barrel all by myself but there are so many ways people can get involved either by walking alongside me or by arranging events or visits for us along the route.

"It's all about getting people talking about testicular cancer and we would love to hear from people with ideas about how to help spread the word. If we can just get people talking about this disease, we know we can save lives." The challenge will take place in April 23, 2020, with Mr Holliday arriving in London on May 1.

For more information about the beer push for cancer including how to donate visit this website.

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