Beccles Lido in final stages to win �100,000 prize

BECCLES Lido is now in its final stage to win a national �100,000 prize.

The Lido is one of the 14 British Gas Green Streets projects competing against each other for the money.

The 14 projects have each already received a share of �2 million for energy saving and energy generating measures within their communities.

Beccles Lido used their share of the funding to fix the leak in the pool, to install a pool cover, to give the pool a thermal liner, to install four energy efficient boilers and to install solar operated system to generate electricity and cash through the Governments Feed in Tarriff scheme.

These measures will save enormous sums of money and will help ensure the financial sustainability of the Lido in the future.

As part of the competition teams from Beccles Lido and four other Green Streets projects made a trip to Leicester last week to make presentations on their projects to British Gas.

The Lido team was joined by Green Party Councillor Graham Elliott to make their pitch for the Beccles Lido project to a panel of experts.

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Graham Elliott said: 'The Green Streets competition will be judged on the amount of energy saved, the amount of energy generated and the level of community engagement. Beccles Lido scores extremely well on all three counts. There can't be many projects anywhere in the country that have had the same level of community involvement. And there can't be many better energy saving measures than fixing a leak that has cost around �100,000 in water and gas over the last 10 to 20 years.'

After the project presentations there was a dinner with awards to a few individuals from the Green Streets projects.

Beccles Lido picked up two of these awards with Graham Norgate and Shaun Crowley getting personal awards for their contributions to the community project.

Two of the Lido's suppliers also received awards, 365TPS, who installed the boilers and pool liner and Dyno-rod, who's pipe repair fixed the leak.

The winning Green Streets project will be announced in July.

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