Organisers reassure fans over credibility of Great Yarmouth beach festival

Beach Fests U.K hope to bring a festival to Great Yarmouth in 2019. Picture: Archant

Beach Fests U.K hope to bring a festival to Great Yarmouth in 2019. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

Would be festival organisers have reassured music lovers they are 'dedicated' and 'driven' to provide Great Yarmouth with a beach festival after concerns were raised over its authenticity.

Beach Fest is promising a chart-topping line-up in Great Yarmouth Picture: Facebook

Beach Fest is promising a chart-topping line-up in Great Yarmouth Picture: Facebook - Credit: Facebook

Beach Fests U.K have however warned people that the festival may not happen in 2019 despite an event on its Facebook page previously suggesting a date for the festival had already been set.

The post - which has since been removed - promised fans 'chart topping music' and 'large scale production'.

In a post on its Facebook page the organisers described themselves as a 'group of people who want to give the local community of Great Yarmouth and the surrounding areas entertainment like they have never experienced'.

The post on Facebook, said: 'We released this event with the idea of gauging the interest level of events, the results we were blown away by.

'We never asked people to submit personal details or exchange any money. Simply click interested so we can could get an idea of the need for an event like this.

'We have had conversations with the council and outlined our plan. To start of with taking over nightlife venues around the east of England and producing a truly unique 'Beach Fest' experience within.

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'This will then help us increase the brand of Beach Fest but also help us raise the cash needed to put on a large scale event across the beach. Written within the event description we wrote 'inside venues' to help clear any confusion.

'We hope you can continue to support us on our mission of bringing something truly extraordinary to Great Yarmouth. The main event of a festival on the beach may not happen in 2019 but we promise that since seeing such a positive reaction to the idea of one, we all are more dedicated and driven to provide one for you now and assure you it will happen if not next year but within the years to come.'

On Thursday, Norfolk County Council issued a warning to people to be wary of buying tickets for such events from unofficial websites.

A spokesperson, said: 'Our advice to the public regarding events is that they should buy event tickets only from official sellers and venues.

'They should check their websites and those of the artists to find out who the official sellers are and that they are members of the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR).'

In a statement, Great Yarmouth Borough Council said: 'The council became aware this week of the proposed 'public event', described as Great Yarmouth Beach Fest, which is still being promoted via Facebook, with the location described as 'Great Yarmouth Central Beach'.

'We messaged the purported organiser to ask them to get in touch and spoke with them to ask them to amend/clarify their post to avoid people thinking mistakenly that a beach festival had been agreed by the council as landowner.

'To be clear: No agreements or detailed discussions with the council have yet taken place with respect to this idea.

'Those seeking permission to organise public events on council-owned land are required first to discuss their aspirations and their event management plan with council officers and emergency services at the Event Safety Advisory Group, in order to ensure they are meeting both their legal responsibilities and the requirements of the council as landowner.'

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