BBC Springwatch in Norfolk: What's still to come from Wild Ken Hill?

Springwatch presenters Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan being interviews by the local media. Pict

BBC Springwatch presenters Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan in Norfolk. - Credit: Danielle Booden

For nearly two weeks now, BBC viewers around the country have had an in-depth look at Norfolk's beauty and wildlife beamed directly into their homes.

Springwatch kicked of its annual run from Wild Ken Hill in west Norfolk on Tuesday, May 25, with presenters Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan visiting the county to present live.

And we've already seen some amazing sights from the beautiful countryside, as the BBC cameras show off the some of the best sights Norfolk has to offer.

The first night alone saw viewers introduced to 15-day-old buzzard chicks, shown how active brown hares are with boxing matches during the evening and updated on how chiffchaff are feeding their young on insects.

And on every episode since we've been updated on what has been caught on the live cameras dotted around the area, including a hunt for a rare turtle dove.

But what's still to come?

Turtle Dove at Pensthorpe Nature Reserve. Picture: Ian Burt

Will the BBC Springwatch team spot a turtle dove at Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk? - Credit: Ian Burt

On Thursday night, Michaela Strachan will report on the decline of the plover, which is in fast decline in the region.

Ringed plovers create scrapes, shallow holes in the sand and shingle in which to lay their eggs. One place they have done this is the foreshore at Wild Ken Hill, part of the beach at Snettisham.

Last week, the RSPB released footage of quad bikers riding across their habitat, flattening nesting scrapes but fortunately not destroying any eggs.

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From next Tuesday – the final week of programmes – we'll be able to see which of the birds we've been keeping such a close eye on will be ready to leave their nests and venture out into the world.

Turtle doves will once again be on the list of birds to keep an eye out for, while the Springwatch team will also be seeing how the UK's tallest bird, the Eurasian crane, has made a successful comeback.

Megan McCubbin will join the Norfolk team live to discuss efforts to save the corncrake, and if birds aren't your thing, then watch out for Chris and Michaela's investigation into how hedgehogs are coping this spring.

Eastern Daily Press photographer Ian Burt took a wintry walk around the stunning Pensthorpe Nature R

The Eurasian crane is set to star on Springwatch next week. - Credit: Ian Burt

And the show will end next Friday with a round-up of everything seen on the live cameras, with viewers set to find out if all the kestrel and avocet chicks have survived.

For more on Springwatch from Wild Ken Hill, reporter Chris Bishop went behind the scenes to find out more about how the programme is made.

One of the four baby hedgehogs at the Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital, disturbed from a nest with their mo

How have hedgehogs been getting on in Norfolk this spring? Find out on Springwatch next week. - Credit: Denise Bradley