Battle of the bollards continues: Norwich City Council to remove iron bollards despite protest from neighbours

Residents Lesley Cunneen, left, and Marilyn Mann, hoping to save the ornamental bollards on an alley

Residents Lesley Cunneen, left, and Marilyn Mann, hoping to save the ornamental bollards on an alley in Clarendon Road, which the city council want to remove so mechanical sweepers can access the alley. Lesley and Marilyn are willing to chain themselves to the bollards if necessary. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2016

The city council has today said it will continue with the removal of two iron posts, despite protests from people living nearby.

Neighbours Lesley Cunneen and Marilyn Mann had threatened to chain themselves to the bollards on Clarendon Road to prevent them from being replaced.

The posts were due to be removed as a part of a £39,000 replacement scheme by Norwich City Council to enable its street sweepers to access alleyways.

But despite managing to stop contractors from pulling out the bollards last month, the two 70-year-olds have not managed to halt the council's plans.

Paul Kendrick, cabinet member for clean streets, said: 'We always listen to the views of residents – and sometimes they voice opposing views.

'In this instance we had to prioritise the need to keep the city's streets clean and safe for the 138,000 or so residents who live in Norwich, above the requests of two residents representing one road.

'Therefore, we will complete the planned work by also removing and replacing the bollards on Clarendon Road.'

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Mrs Cunneen and Mrs Mann said the posts contributed to the character and heritage of the street, which is within a conservation area in the Golden Triangle.

An online petition, dubbed The Battle of the Bollards, was also launched to support their cause, attracting almost 80 signatures.

The council said it was replacing posts across Norwich, and did not require planning permission or consent for the work.

It claimed the bollards on Clarendon Road were installed in the 1980s, but people living nearby said they had been there for longer.

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