Barrier to be installed to prevent drivers parking cars illegally in Gorleston

The area where drivers have been parking illegally in Gorleston Ravine. Photo: Google Maps

The area where drivers have been parking illegally in Gorleston Ravine. Photo: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

A long running saga over illegal parking could be coming to an end.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council has agreed to install a barrier to prevent vehicles from entering the Ravine in Gorleston and the pedestrian area of the Lower Esplanade.

Disgruntled resident Steve Taylor said drivers have been moving the barrier which is currently in place and parking in the pedestrianised area beyond the car park.

He said he first raised the issue with the borough council back in April but had not had a response back until now.

He added: 'I would have reasonably expected this to have been addressed by now as it is not only flagrant breaking of by-laws, it is anti-social behaviour with a person considering this doesn't apply to them.

'Four months on there has been little or no action.'

There is a sign at the Gorleston seafront location which warns action will be taken against those who park there illegally.

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But Mr Taylor said there is no enforcement of the by-law and said the sign should be removed if the council was unable or unwilling to enforce it.

It is hoped the new works will bring an end to the nuisance causing illegal parking.

A borough council officer said the council is looking at short term measures to help resolve this problem and looking at the feasibility and necessity of installing parking measures at the top of the Ravine as well as on the Lower Esplanade.

The spokesperson added: 'We are continuing to consider and investigate longer term solutions for future use of this area and Implementation of Traffic Orders which would enable us to legally enforce unauthorised parking.

'We have progressed the work to install a bollard on the Lower Esplanade which will stop access via this route into the area. We have also progressed work to install a barrier at the top of the Ravine to prevent unauthorised access via this route too. This work is scheduled for completion early September. In the interim I can confirm the signage will be removed by the end of this week.

'We are obviously conscious of the need for certain authorised access for businesses and emergency services. It is anticipated in the short term this will resolve the issue whilst future longer term solutions are developed.'