School 'relieves stress' for families by loaning laptops in lockdown

Twins Charlie and Liliana Radford, from Barnham Primary, have been loaned laptops to help with their homeschooling.

Twins Charlie and Liliana Radford, from Barnham Primary, have been loaned laptops to help with their homeschooling. - Credit: Courtesy of Amy Arnold

A Norfolk primary school is working hard to "relieve stress" for parents, as it raises money to provide families with laptops for home schooling. 

Barnham Primary School, in Barnham, have set up a ‘gofundme’ page so they can purchase laptops to loan to families who are teaching their children from home. 

Headteacher Amy Arnold said home-schooling is made more difficult for parents with multiple children and sometimes only one laptop between them.  

Barnham Primary School headteacher, Amy Arnold, with teachers Philippa Sutton and Isobel Potter.

Barnham Primary School headteacher, Amy Arnold, with teachers Philippa Sutton and Isobel Potter. - Credit: Amy Arnold

But after raising nearly £1,400, the school has already been able to purchase 7 new devices, which are set to be handed out to families who need a bit of extra support. 

Ms Arnold said: “When we went into lockdown our learning switched to remote learning. 

“We knew there were more families were struggling particularly where there are four or five children.  

“We want to enable each and every child to flourish and fill their full potential whether they are learning in school or home.  

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“We set up a 'gofundme' page and the response has been phenomenal.” 

Charlie and Liliana Radford are twins in Year 4 and their mum, Sarah, works from home, but they had only one laptop between the three of them. 

Now they have been loaned an two extra laptops so mum can get on with work and so can the kids. 

Ms Radford said: “'Having the chrome book from school has enabled my children to complete their work at home.  

“Without these we were limited to one laptop between the whole family which caused immense pressure.  

“I am working from home and also studying so being able to use the Chromebook's from school has really given me and my children the best opportunity to complete everything expected.

"It has relieved some of the stress that we are feeling in the current situation.” 

Barnham Primary School.

Barnham Primary School. - Credit: Amy Arnold

Ms Arnold added: “'Everyone at Barnham would like to say heartfelt thank you to all who have supported our campaign, either through donating laptops or contributing to our go fund me page.

"Each donation makes a huge difference to the lives of others at this challenging time and we have been simply overwhelmed by the generosity of our amazing community."

To donate to the school’s gofundme page, you can visit the site here,