Two Norfolk villages left without water for around 20 hours

An Anglian Water tanker pulled up in Barnham Broom. Picture: Staff

An Anglian Water tanker pulled up in Barnham Broom. Picture: Staff - Credit: Archant

Two Norfolk villages have been left without running water for 20 hours due to a burst water main.

People living in parts of Barnham Broom and Brandon Parva where without water from around 10.30pm on Monday, due to a burst water main in Mattishall Road, Brandon Parva.

The water supply returned for half-an-hour around 4pm on Tuesday before going off again but was only fully restored just before 7pm on Tuesday.

One resident who has lived in Barnham Broom for two years and wished to remain anonymous said: 'It's just not what you expect in this day and age but people live like this all over the world.

'I just would like to know what's going on a bit more, there's been no change on the [Anglian Water] web site.'

Phil Garrard, 65, who has lived in the village for 25 years said: 'What can you do? I assume [Anglian Water] are doing the best they can.

'I thought they would have brought a big tanker up to hand some water out somewhere communal, like the village hall.'

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A spokesperson for Anglian Water said: 'We're sorry some customers in Brandon Parva and Barnham Broom may have experienced low water pressure or no water at all last night and today. Our teams have been working to fix a burst water main on Mattishall Road in Brandon Parva. We have been rerouting water around the network and using tankers to restore supplies to as many customers as possible. The repair has now been completed and all customer supplies will be returning to normal.

'Once again we're sorry for any inconvenience this causes and we'd like to thank customers for their patience whilst we made these repairs.

'When the water supply comes back some customers may notice their water is a cloudy or discoloured. This can happen after a pipe has burst, but is harmless and is caused by millions of tiny air bubbles. If you leave the water to clear in a glass or run your tap for a bit it will soon disappear.'

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