Everything we know about the Norfolk chefs on Bake Off: The Professionals

Bake Off: The Professionals Norfolk contestants, Alex and Stacey.

Bake Off: The Professionals Norfolk contestants, Alex and Stacey. - Credit: The Great British Bake Off

As two Norfolk-based professional bakers are set to feature in on Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off: The Professionals, here is everything we know about them. 

Who are they? 

Teams of chocolatiers and pastry chefs will compete to be crowned the best professional baking team and this year Norfolk will be represented by Alex and Stacey

Where do they work? 

The pair – who are friends and colleagues – have worked together as lecturers at The College of West Anglia, in Norfolk, for 10 years. 

What is their experience? 

Team Captain Alex trained at the college himself before going on to work in pubs and hotel kitchens. His work also took him abroad to Port Douglas, Australia, where he spent time at the five-star Sheraton Hotel.  

Alex then returned to the UK and started as a chef at The College of West Anglia. 

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From the age of just four, Stacey would spend time in the kitchen with her mum.  

Following in the footsteps of her family, Stacey has worked in the hospitality industry since a very young age in front of house positions before a transition to the kitchens and pastry.  

In 2011, she joined The College of West Anglia and now runs the pastry section for students, some of whom she has mentored in competitions all the way to the finals of Young Chocolatier of the year. 

Alex Harrison of Harrison Chocolatiers. Picture: Supplied by Harrison Chocolatiers

Alex Harrison of Harrison Chocolatiers - Credit: Archant

What is their first challenge? 

In each episode the new teams must use their patisserie skills to impress the judges and stay in the competition. 

The first challenge for the teams is to produce two different types of miniature classics - Tarte Piémontaise and the Jaffa Cake.  

They must make 24 perfect and identical items of each pastry in just three and a half hours. 

Where can you watch it? 

The brand new series of Bake Off: The Professionals will start on Tuesday, May 25 at 8pm on Channel 4.