‘Bah Humbug!’ Council staff told to take down Christmas decorations

Many people love to brighten up their work place with some Christmas tinsel.

But staff at West Norfolk Council have been ordered to pack away Christmas decorations on their computers due to health and safety.

The council's safety and welfare advisor Dave Clack sent an e mail, with the subject heading 'Bah Humbug' to employees this week asking for tinsel decorating computer screens to be removed.

The e mail warns that the tinsel could block the ventilators at the back of the computer screens which could lead to the machines becoming over heated and flammable tinsel would be a fire risk.

Mr Clack also reminded workers that all decorations should be packed away before the Christmas break, which starts at the end of Friday, December 23.

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According to a national newspaper, the e mail read: 'All those staff who have tinsel around their screen should remove it immediately.

'Mangers or team leaders- I would ask that this is carried out.'

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Mr Clack told the Daily Telegraph: 'People like to ridicule health and safety, but I even put 'Bah Humbug' as the title of the e mail.

'I do like Christmas, but decorations need to be put up with a bit of sense.

'I have suggested that I'll put on a bit of green make-up so people can see what an old Grinch I am.'

A council spokesman defended Mr Clack's move saying the authority was simply looking for a 'common sense' approach to Christmas decorations in the office.

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