Aylsham flour-bomb youth says ‘sorry’

A teenager who flour-bombed an Aylsham pensioner's home has written and apologised to the victim.

Officers from the the town's Safer Neighbourhood Team were able to track down the youth who threw a flour bomb at the victim's house in Burgh Road in January.

The teen admitted the attack and wanted to make amends by writing a letter of apology, according to the police.

The flour bombing was among several incidents of anti-social behaviour committed in Aylsham over the weekend of January 29-30.

Police are still investigating eight other reports from Yaxley Lane, Howard Way, Cawston Road, Mileham Drive, and Starling Close.

Police Community Support Officer Laura Munro-Oakley said: 'This is an example of how some matters can be satisfactorily resolved without youngsters being criminalised for making poor decisions early in life.

'If anyone has information about the other incidents which involved youths allegedly banging on doors, being loud and rowdy in the street and damaging property I would encourage them to report information to police'.

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