Aylsham charity expecting surge of calls as Christmas debt kicks in

North Norfolk charity workers who help those struggling with debt are bracing themselves for their busiest day of the year as Christmas spending catches up with family budgets.

Volunteers from Christians Against Poverty (CAP) are expecting to be swamped with calls next Monday, February 13 as credit card statements from the festive period start arriving.

The Aylsham-based group, which is part of a network of nationwide CAP branches, works with the town's community church to provide free support to those in need.

Angie Rusbridge manages the group that has been running for two years, and visits clients face to face to help them work out payment schemes, get on top of their debt and start saving again.

She said: 'Coming up to Christmas the focus is on Christmas. The beginning of February is when credit card bills come through the door and that's when reality really starts to hit home and people realise they need help.

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'We hope that if they're nervous of asking for help they'll know lots of other people are ringing us at the moment and they're not alone. However bad the problem looks, we can sort it out together.'

Mrs Rusbridge was inspired to start CAP's only Norfolk branch after reading the story of the charity's founder and since then has seen how its work can really help those in need.

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She said: 'When I go on a first visit and meet a family or single mum they're really suffering from depression and don't know where to turn. By the time of the third visit you just see peoples' life has changed. You have given people that hope that there is a way out.'

To enquire about getting help from CAP call 0800 328 0006.

? The charity is running a three-week course from February 23 at the Jubilee Family Centre, Aylsham, to teach people about money management. The course is free but booking is essential. Call 01263 733332 for more information.

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