Author’s research reveals stories of 70 Harling war veterans

Ann-May Patridge has written a book about the lives of the men inscribed on the war memeorial at Eas

Ann-May Patridge has written a book about the lives of the men inscribed on the war memeorial at East Harling. The book is called, Name On A Stone, East and West Harling. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

A Norfolk author who has spent more than a decade researching the lives of her village's war veterans has published a collection of their stories.

Name on a Stone, East and West Harling, explores the lives of the 36 men whose names are inscribed on the war memorial in East Harling, and the lives of several residents whose names were not. In total, the book contains around 70 biographies.

Its author Ann-May Partridge collated her research into a scrapbook, but received so many requests from people to look at it that she decided to publish the stories as a book.

She said: 'Originally I was asked to photograph the war memorial and I decided that, being a family history fanatic, I would like to found out a bit more about these names.

'It's just a name on a monument that people read. They don't know who these men are, and they have fascinating stories.

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'It is a privilege to think that I have put out some information about those men and researched it for the future.'

She labelled the book a 'personal project', adding: 'It is something I have picked up and put down again over the past 15 years.'

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Ms Partridge's scrapbooks formed part of an exhibition about the First World War in East Harling in 2014.

She also give a talk to her local Royal British Legion branch about the book and her research.

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