Attractions come together to encourage people to visit Dereham

A visit Dereham leaflet has been produced for the first time. Pictured are (from left) Charlie Rober

A visit Dereham leaflet has been produced for the first time. Pictured are (from left) Charlie Robertson, Sheila Goldsmith, Rev Dominique Turnham, Hilary Bushell, Ken Hawkins and Sue Walker White. Picture: Ian Burt

A group of attractions is trying to put Dereham on the tourism map and has started by producing a brochure to show what the heart of Norfolk has to offer.

The leaflet, called Visit Dereham, will be appearing around the town to encourage visitors and locals alike to enjoy more of what is on offer.

It has been produced by a partnership between Dereham Town Council, Dereham Windmill, Mid Norfolk Railway, Bishop Bonner's Cottage, St Nicholas Church and Dereham Walks.

Ken Hawkins, who organises Dereham Walks, said: 'The leaflet offers a welcome for the town.

'We are trying to promote the town and bring more people here.

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'We are aiming to show everything and to link together these attractions so people realise they can spend a day here.

'If you are a windmill fanatic we want you to know about the railway, if you come the museum why not got for a walk?

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'Dereham is somewhere you don't have to think about what to do for the rest of the day, you can spend a whole day here.'

There will be an initial run of 5,000 copies of the leaflet, which includes a map as well as a description of each of the partner sites.

The booklets will be available at each attraction as well as in the library and churches and it is hoped they might make it even further afield.

Sue Walker White, chairman of Dereham Antiquarian Society which runs Bishop Bonner's Cottage, said: 'It is for visitors to the town but it is also a reference for people in the town too.

'It has opening times and contact details for each of the heritage attractions in the town.

'We hope to expand and get more groups involved.

'We wanted to get the leaflet out there as quickly as possible to be ready for the beginning of the season.

'It is kind of like self-help for Dereham's tourism industry.'

The group hope more people will get involved in the future and that a variety of other promotional activities, including a heritage trail.

Dereham Town councillor Hilary Bushell addedd: 'This is a forerunner to things we want to do in the future.'

The partnership sprung out of a meeting with the Dereham Business Forum.

Sheila Goldsmith said: 'We don't have a tourist office so we thought we ought to do something.'

The leaflet was printed by LF Everett Printing for a lower rate.

Anyone who would like a copy should inquire at Mid Norfolk Railway's ticket office.

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