Attleborough school’s anti-bullying message

Hundreds of balloons were released into the skies above Attleborough High School to mark national anti-bullying week.

A total of 980 balloons - one for every pupil and member of the sixth form - were let go yesterday and each carried a handwritten anti-bullying message.

Students gathered at the playground at 1pm for the balloon release, which will also help to raise hundreds of pounds for Children in Need.

Attleborough tutor Jo Jacobs said the high school wanted to do something big for this year's anti-bullying week, which runs until Friday.

'At Attleborough, we believe in inclusion across all year groups and we wanted to do something for every pupil,' she said.

She added that each student had written a message about combating bullying on a biodegradable tag. The 50p charge from the tag will go towards the BBC's Children in Need appeal.

The balloons carried messages such as 'tell someone you trust' and 'do not bully; it hurts.'

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The pupil with the furthest travelling balloon will win a prize and the event was sponsored by Banham Poultry.

Students are also being asked to fill in a national questionnaire and will be taking part in anti-bullying assemblies. This year's theme for anti-bullying week is about 'taking action together.'