Attleborough businesses welcome parking time-limit trial

Tim Cobb, bakery owner and town councillor, at Attleborough's Queen's Square Car Park. Picture: STUA

Tim Cobb, bakery owner and town councillor, at Attleborough's Queen's Square Car Park. Picture: STUART ANDERSON - Credit: Archant

Shop owners have welcomed plans to trial a time limit at Attleborough's central car park.

But a broader strategy should be adopted to tackle problems with car parking the town, they say.

Councillors agreed last week to split the Queen's Square Car Park into a short-stay - probably two hour - section, as well as keeping part of the car park unrestricted, as it currently is.

The three-month trial will be run by Breckland Council, whose inspectors from King's Lynn will check that the time limit is being adhered to.

The move is in response to concerns that too many people are leaving their vehicles at the car park all day to go elsewhere - for example, getting the bus into Norwich - preventing shoppers from being able to find a parking spot.

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Tim Cobb, a bakery owner and town councillor, said: 'I think it's a good idea, but we need to solve the problem of car parking in the town as a whole, not just at that car park.

'As a shop owner I cop it in the ear every day from people who say there is nowhere to park.'

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Mr Cobb said the car park had 88 spaces and eight disabled spaces, but this capacity could be increased if grassed areas were included and the while lines were redrawn.

Marie Hicks, manager of Harveys dry cleaning and launderette, said : 'It would be great to offer more short-term parking, but equally there should be long-term parking available on the outskirts of town for people who are happy to leave their car there all day and walk in.

'There needs to be parking provided for people who work in town as well.'

David Reger, co-owner of Nuts and Bolts hardware store, said he also thought a short-stay section was a good idea.

He said: 'If it does the job, it will be a quick and easy solution without having to impose parking fees. There are some times when the car parks are full but the town still seems quite empty. I'm grateful that the town council are trying something, because something needs to be done.'

Mr Cobb said there had been plans to develop a piece of land near the railway station into car parking, but it was still a way off before anything was done.

If the trial is successful, it may become a permanent fixture.

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