Attleborough brewery secures Sainsbury contract

A Norfolk brewery has secured a major listing to supply a national supermarket chain with beer and ale

for at least the next 26 weeks.

The Wolf Brewery, based at Rookery Farm at Besthorpe, will be supplying Sainsbury's Attleborough store with Prairie Gold and Poppy Ale after being chosen by the store's customers who participated in the Sainsbury's Great British Beer Hunt to find the best local brews in the country.

Sainsbury's customers, along with beer team members, tasted beers during regional heats held across the country and the best beers went through to a national final for the chance to be supplied to stores across the country.

Wolf Brewery products were chosen for the regional listing, to be suppled to the Attleborough store.

The Beer Hunt was set up as part of Sainsbury's commitment to local brewers with a strong emphasis on sustainability and recycling.

Kay Edwards, who runs Wolf Brewery, said the brewery already supplied beers to Tesco and Waitrose supermarkets, but to get two more products sold at the local branch was a major publicity boost for the brewer, which was founded in 1996 on the site of the former Gaymer cider factory.

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Other brands produced by the brewery include Straw Dog, Golden Jackal, Granny Wouldn't Like It! Lavender Honey and Coyote.

Mrs Edwards said: 'It is a massive contract for us even though it might only run for 26 weeks and it gives us another major store that we are in. We are in Waitrose as well and Tesco, but to get another two in a major store is a big promotional boost for Wolf Brewery.'

The brewery is set to move to nearby Decoy Farm in Old Norwich Road, Besthorpe which is being set up by Mrs Edwards' husband John.

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